Hope Arthur


The Hope Arthur Orchestra is a compelling, ever growing (roughly 25 members currently) ensemble of Fort Wayne, Indiana based musicians performing the intriguing, heart wrenching, and overall entertaining original compositions of Hope Arthur. The Orchestra was conceived of in 2011, gathered in 2012, and first debuted in the early 2013 Fort Wayne Fringe Festival to sold out crowds each night! Since then, the Orchestra has collaborated with the Fort Wayne Ballet and other local and regional performance groups to produce evocative experiences which leave their audiences wanting more. To that end, the Hope Arthur Orchestra has been working on its debut album containing 12 original songs, due to be released in early 2014. This has been a long journey for Hope Arthur, beginning at age 8 when she began playing the piano, growing into vocal performance during high school, and beginning to compose her original songs during her time living in Thailand. Originally influenced by contemporary singer-songwriters like Regina Spektor, Hope Arthur’s musical points of reference have grown to include the Dirty Projectors, Bjork, Beirut, Noir Desire, and Joanna Newsom, while she is still inspired by her classical history with Revel, Debussy, Brahms, and Amy Beach.