Hope Arthur


January 31st, 2016

Last Saturday, January 23 we did a collaboration with Mikautadze Dance Theatre, Saitnkini (Austria) and Silbo Gomero. It was such a wonderful experience.


The first set we performed our original all vocal music along with the choreography of Lucia Rogers. We performed with an interactive sculpture called The CORE, an 8ft sculpture that represents the complexity of the human spirit. The first part of the show as titled, “Reveal” and will likely be the title of our next album.

“Reveal” explores the process of grief through movement and the sounds of the human voice. The style of each song varies greatly from one to the next, reflecting the range of emotions one can experience while grieving. This performance art piece not only intends to feel fully the pain of loss, but also intends to show how one can draw strength from those around them and from the rhythm that moves the universe. The combination of the two can empower us to reveal what is in our own hearts.


The second portion of the show was with Mikautdaze Dance Theatre, Saitnkini and Silbo Gomero. It was so exciting to take part in a collaboration where we felt were all on the same wavelength. And the fact that it was inter-continental was invigorating. The second portion was titled “Schreimoment.”

German for “Scream Moment,” this performance freezes time and invites the audience on a journey into the human psyche to experience what it may feel like after years of a lack of self-reflection. Each person is born with his or her own voice, along with his or her own intentions – such as the intentions expressed in this piece (communication, familial, health and fitness, beauty, Angst [fear] and Weltschmerz [world pain]). When we ignore our own voice for an extended period, it can experience severe thirst for attention, and our intentions can become illusions, confusing and distracting us from our purest selves. It is during this period when our voice can become a scream.


Now a little bit about The CORE.

The CORE stands for Cultivating Oneness Reinventing Expression. Currently in prototype form, it stands 8 ft tall and is intended to be a visual representation of the complexity of the human spirit – our center, which has the capacity to be the strongest and weakest part of our very being.


Our mission is to be an interactive art installation that opens up conversation about what all human beings have in common; to challenge each other and help each other grow as artists through meaningful collaborations; to strive to understand and express the core of humanity.


Stay tuned for more updates on our performances with The CORE =)